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Unlock additional features to enhance your experience and help you
to better Learn, Live, & Lead OnPurpose.


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For the same price of your streaming subscription, you can get access to all of the incredible teachings and features that are included in the FREE OnPurposeSOCIETY program, along with these bonus features created just for the OnPurpose+ members.

Upgrade Features

Weekly Live Q&A
Weekly Inspirational Message
Flipped Classroom Model
Badge on Profile Image
No Lock-in Contract / Cancel at any time
Support the OnPurposeCUBED Mission


Live Q&A

Every week you can join an OnPurposeCUBED Coach on a webinar within the mobile or desktop app for a quick inspirational scripture-based personal development teaching followed by an open Q&A where you can ask any question you have about the program or even your personal challenges with leadership or your purpose. There are a variety of times so you can join the one that suits you. The sessions are also recorded so you will always have access to them as an OnPurpose+ member.


Weekly Inspirational Message

To be able to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose to overflowing we need to be constantly filled ourselves. Be inspired to action every week with a scripture-based personal development teaching from one of the OnPurposeCUBED coaches within the Live Q&A so you can be filled to overflowing every week.


Flipped Classroom

Why learn repetitive information from the expert in a classroom/session then go home to struggle with an assignment without the expert to help you? The flipped classroom model reverses traditional learning by providing you the learning as a pre-recorded video to watch at your own time, then join the expert in your Live Q&A session each week to help you personally apply that strategy into your real life.


Badge on
Profile Image

Proudly display your OnPurpose+ badge on your profile image to show that you are on a mission to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.


No Lock-in Contract / Cancel at any time

You can join and leave at any time as you desire as you are not locked into any contracts, simply change your subscription and it will be updated at the end of your current payment term.


Support the OnPurposeCUBED Mission

We are on a mission to ERADICATE POOR LEADERSHIP by Raising Up the Next Generation of Influential Leaders, we can only achieve this by having as many people as possible do the training, so we need to offer the program for FREE for everyone. Obviously, there are great costs involved with developing and maintaining software and operating the OnPurposeCUBED. Your membership subscription helps to reduce the costs of providing FREE training to achieve our mission… THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts.


$14.99/month or $149.99/year*

Cancel at any time
*All prices are displayed in AUD and GST inclusive and charged in your local currency on checkout

Unlock additional features to enhance your experience and help you to better Learn, Live, & Lead OnPurpose.

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The Live Q&A is a live webinar streamed through our mobile/desktop applications which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. The Live Q&A will be run multiple times on the same day so you can join at a time that best suits you and are not limited to a set session time, you can join any session each week. As we grow with more members, we will add more session times so that you have more variety.

Yes, after we run the Live Q&A a replay will be available within 24 hours of the last Live Q&A for you to watch back at any time if you missed it or just want to listen back to the advice at a self-managed pace.
The OnPurpose+ upgrade can be cancelled at any time and your bonus features will be available until the end of your current billing period.
The OnPurpose+ is created to guide you at a steady pace of learning, however, you are in complete control of slowing down your pace and being able to catch up at any time.
No, you do not need to be currently in a leadership position to join an OnPurposeCUBED coaching program. In fact, the best way to prepare you for your desired leadership role is to develop your leadership skills so that you are completely prepared when you do step into influencing people. This program is designed to prepare you and guide you into your leadership role so you can Learn, Live, & Lead OnPurpose.
Becoming a better leader is not about the knowledge you acquire; it is about the change in behaviour you display. Developing the right character to Learn, Live, & Lead OnPurpose takes discipline and working through the challenges weekly will allow you to progressively become the leader that God has called you to be.
We believe in balancing work, life, and rest. Therefore, we practice what we preach, the team at OnPurposeCUBED will always close for two (2) weeks over Christmas and therefore no Live Q&A will be conducted during this time.

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