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The OnPurposeCUBED, Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose Leadership Development Program IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE FREE. There are no ‘trial periods’, or half-delivered content as a strategy to up sell you to a paid membership; the program is comprehensive and complete with the FREE membership, you do not need anything more to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

However, we know that some people would like a greater level of support, personalized advice and feedback, and to accelerate their progress. Therefore, we have compiled a few coaching packages to suit a range of budgets and needs.

Please, once again hear our heart, we want nothing more from you than for you to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose and hope that you can achieve this through our FREE membership. Check out everything included in the FREE membership here.

OnPurposeCUBED Coaching

We here at OnPurposeCUBED are on a mission to ERADICATE POOR LEADERSHIP by Raising Up the Next Generation of Influential Leaders and we strongly believe that the best way to achieve this is through true discipleship. You need someone to walk with you, guiding you, and holding you accountable. We don’t want you to just learn information and strategies; we want you to be transformed to the point that it is displayed in your behaviour as you Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

We have great faith in the content that we teach and know the program will help many people to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose, we also know that the best way for you to be transformed by this course is to…

  • Share your new-found knowledge with your peers to develop your ideas in a safe and inspiring environment,
  • Be a part of a group that encourages you, identifies the potential in you, and walks with you on your journey to achieve your full potential, and
  • Have someone disciple you, someone who you can ask questions to directly, receive personal advice from a place of relationship, and is invested in your growth as you Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.


Overflow is the secret to effective discipleship. If you are not being filled to overflowing constantly by someone else, you cannot Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose by filling others. Let our incredible OnPurposeCUBED Coaches constantly fill you to overflowing.


Other people can hold us back or lift us up. We were not created to do life alone, however, we need to surround ourselves with the right people to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose. Join one of our OnPurpose Coaching Programs to grow with people who are on the same trajectory as you.


One of the key things that hold people back from being able to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose is the confidence that they are on the right path. Allow our experienced OnPurposeCUBED Coaches to guide you with clarity and hold you accountable to that path.


Often, we can learn great information but hit a roadblock in understanding how to apply that knowledge to our specific situation. Receive individual and personalised feedback from our expert OnPurposeCUBED Coaches to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

Coaching Packages


Online Leadership Program


    (No Credit Card Required)

  • 60+ weeks of Training
  • Research – Backed Leadership Strategies
  • Biblically Based Teachings
  • Master’s Degree Level Content
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • 24/7 Online Training Portal

  • Video / Audio Lessons
  • Offline Mode

  • Interactive Gamified Learning

  • Weekly Missions
  • Social Learning (Forum)
  • Progress Reminders
  • Desktop Access
  • iOS Mobile App
  • Android Mobile App


Enhanced Learning Features

or $149.99/year*

Become an OnPurpose+ member to unlock additional features to enhance your learning experience and help you Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

  • Everything included in OnPurposeSOCIETY
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Weekly Scriptural Motivational Message
  • Flipped Classroom Model

  • OnPurpose+ Badge on Profile Image
  • No Lock – in Contract / Cancel at any time
  • Support the OnPurposeCUBED Mission to continue to provide FREE training to the next generation of influential leaders all over the world.


1 Year Small Group Mentoring Program

12x $219.99/month
or 1x $2,199.99/year*

Join your coach and a small group of leaders OnPurpose to discuss, share, and receive more personalised support on that week’s topic.

  • Everything included in OnPurpose+
  • Weekly Small Group Virtual Meeting (50 mins)

  • Group Limited to 14 pax

  • Accountability
  • Strategic Catch – Up Weeks
  • OnPurposeSQUAD Badge on Profile Image

  • Support the OnPurposeCUBED Mission to continue to provide FREE training to the next generation of influential leaders all over the world.


1 Year Individual Mentoring Program

12x $700/month
or 1x $7,000/year*

Have a coach personally guide you through the program, helping you interpret the lessons, and apply the activities to your specific situation.

  • Everything included in OnPurpose+
  • Weekly Private Mentoring Call (25 mins)

  • Session Time Change (1/quarter)
  • Accountability
  • OnPurposeSELECT Badge on Profile Image

  • Support the OnPurposeCUBED Mission to continue to provide FREE training to the next generation of influential leaders all over the world.

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*Prices are GST inclusive
(All prices are in $AUD)

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*Prices are GST inclusive
(All prices are in $AUD)

Learn More

*Prices are GST inclusive
(All prices are in $AUD)
(Upgrade to 50-minute sessions for an extra $500/month or $5,000/year)

Your Coaches


The Live Q&A is a live webinar streamed through our mobile/desktop applications which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. The Live Q&A will be run multiple times on the same day so you can join at a time that best suits you and are not limited to a set session time, you can join any session each week. As we grow with more members, we will add more session times so that you have more variety.

Yes, after we run the Live Q&A a replay will be available within 24 hours of the last Live Q&A for you to watch back at any time if you missed it or just want to listen back to the advice at a self-managed pace.

As our coaching is completely online you have greater flexibility when it comes to session times. We endeavour to provide a variety of days/times for the available groups and are regularly launching new groups with different start day/time so you can find the best day/time for you. Refer to our application process for complete understanding of how we find you the ideal group.

Yes, after we run the group (OnPurposeSQUAD) coaching, a replay will be available within 24 hours for you to watch back at any time if you missed it or just want to listen back to the advice at a self-managed pace.

As our coaching is completely online you have greater flexibility when it comes to session times. We have coaches located all over the world in a variety of different time zones. Our coaches also have flexible availabilities so you should be able to find a coach that is available at a time that suits you. Refer to our application process for complete understanding of how we find you the ideal coach.

We take into consideration several factors from your application (refer to application process) to match you with the best group/coach for you.

Firstly, it comes down to your budget, which program can you afford without putting financial pressure on yourself. Secondly, are you a social person who likes community and working on things with other people. If this sounds like you then the group (OnPurposeSQUAD) coaching program is perfect for you. Or, if you are more of an individual who likes to have a more personal and private interaction with your coach, go deep into your situation, and go at your own pace then the one-on-one (OnPurposeSELECT) coaching program is ideal for you.

The Biblical principle, “…A man reaps what he sows.” Galations 6:7 (NIV) is as true for coaching as anything else in life, the more you put into your coaching the more you get out. Your coach is not there to do the work for you, but they will hold you accountable, guide you through tough decisions, and help you interpret the teaching into your specific situation, so that you can get the best result from the training and truly Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

No, you do not need to be currently in a leadership position to join an OnPurposeCUBED coaching program. In fact, the best way to prepare you for your desired leadership role is to develop your leadership skills so that you are completely prepared when you do step into influencing people. This program is designed to prepare you and guide you into your leadership role so you can Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

There are a few reasons why we decided to offer a 25-minute coaching session.

  • We wanted to make coaching attainable for as many people as possible, so this is the best way to provide effective weekly coaching at such a low rate.
  • Your time is valuable, with our experience 25-minute sessions a great as they force you to get to the point; you will be amazed at how much you can achieve in a 25-minute session.
  • To ensure your coach is fresh and prepared for your session we have strategically made the sessions 25-minutes so there is a  5 minute break between the sessions.

As the teaching is already done through the training videos online, there is no need for a long session with your coach, you can be efficient with your time and get straight to the questions you have and tailoring the content to your situation.

To be an OnPurposeCUBED Coach, firstly you must complete the first year of the program, then go through an application process that will display to us that you embody the OnPurposeCUBED culture and have the gifts, experience, and calling to successfully mentor others to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose. After approval, you will be required to complete an accreditation course which upon successful completion you will be added to our system so you can begin to coach others to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

Yes, if you have a few friends that would like to the group together then please all individually complete an application and make a note of the names of your friends that you would like to join with. We will then access your applications together.

If you have a small/life/connect group, a team of leaders, or just a group of friends that you would like to do the program with, we can arrange a private group just for you and your group at a time that best suits you. A group discount is also available along with a few other perks. Email us at to discuss how we can best facilitate your group.

Group (OnPurposeSQUAD) Coaching Program
When you complete your application and process your payment, we take into consideration your time availability along with your current progress in the course to find the group that best suits you. Our aim will be to fit you into the right group within a month.

One-on-One (OnPurposeSELECT) Coaching Program
We want to ensure that you get the coach that best suits your needs and align our coaches with clients who fit within their purpose also. Once you fill in your application and process your payment, we will personally review your application, taking into consideration your application answers along with your availability, we will assign you with the most ideal coach for you. Our aim will be to get you started within two (2) weeks.

We want you to receive as much support as possible from your coach within your session and therefore limiting the numbers to no more than 14 allows time for individual attention as well as still being big enough to create an encouraging and supportive community for you to do your journey with.

Group (OnPurposeSQUAD) coaching program

Firstly, one of the main advantages of OnPurposeSQUAD is the relationships you will build as you all journey to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose, this can only happen if you all commit to each other to complete the program together. Also, as there are only a limited number of spaces available in each group and the groups operate within the schedule of the program, we are looking for people who are committed to that seat for the journey.

One-on-One (OnPurposeSELECT) coaching program

Through our combined decades of experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring people, we know that to make any significant change and impact it is not about gaining knowledge but changing behaviour and habits. This only happens over time as we walk through the program, but also as we face our everyday challenges addressing them when they arise. A 12-month journey is an ideal period to achieve great results in any coaching program.

The OnPurpose+ upgrade can be cancelled at any time and your bonus features will be available until the end of your current billing period.

We encourage you to ensure that you budget effectively so you can commit financially to the full 12-months of the OnPurposeCUBED Coaching Programs. However, we know that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, so we want to be empathetic and supportive of you.

There is a 3-step process to cancel/pause your OnPurposeCUBED coaching membership

  1. Email advising of your desire to cancel and the reason for your cancellation at least seven (7) days prior to your next payment (if within seven (7) days your cancellation will take effect from the end of the next payment period). Your coach will contact you to discuss your challenges and help you find a solution.
  2. A 1-month pause can be applied to your account from the end of the current billing period so that you can overcome any challenges you are facing to get back on track. Your access to the features of your membership will not be available during the pause month, however, your position will be held for you. Up to two (2) pauses are available within each 12-month period of membership.
  3. Towards the end of your pause, your coach will contact you and discuss if you wish to reinstate your membership (unless you contact us first to advise us you wish to reactivate your account or you can activate it directly from within the app under the ‘settings’ menu).
    1. If you do want to reinstate your membership, your subscription will be reinstated along with having full access to your membership features.
    2. If you wish to cancel, a cancellation fee is payable. The cancellation fee is 50% of your remaining payments.

I.e., If you are in OnPurposeSQUAD and cancel in month 7, you have 5 months remaining, therefore your cancellation fee is 5 x $200 x 0.5 = $500 or if you are in OnPurposeSELECT and cancel in month 9, you have 3 months remaining, therefore your cancellation fee is 4 x $700 x 0.5 = $1,050. Your cancellation fee can be paid in a lump sum within 7 days of cancellation or monthly payments of 50% on normal payment schedule until the end of your subscription.

The OnPurpose+ is created to guide you at a steady pace of learning, however, you are in complete control of slowing down your pace and being able to catch up at any time.

The key to any coaching program is accountability, the advantage of becoming a member of one of the OnPurposeCUBED coaching programs is that you will have a coach and other people around you to encourage and support you and ensure that you stay on track. The program is also created in a way that we take small steps at a time so that you can learn and grow, along with living your normal life and dealing with the everyday challenges that you face. That being said, we understand that sometimes things happen, and you might fall a little behind from time-to-time and we have included the following strategies.

If you are a member of the group (OnPurposeSQUAD) coaching program, we have strategically designed catchup weeks at the end of each module to allow you to stay on track. Also, there are some weeks that are not as involved as others; therefore, you should be able to catch up with time anyway.

If you are a member of the one-on-one (OnPurposeSELECT) coaching program, you have the flexibility to focus on the topics that you need. Often you may want to take a few weeks to go deep into one topic and not move on until you have mastered it, on the other hand, you may find there are weeks that you don’t need much support and therefore may be able to breeze through a few weeks at a time (as long as you do not go ahead of the predetermined schedule).

Yes, we know that some people like to go even deeper in their sessions and feel they would like to talk things out more with their coach, so we have added an option for you to upgrade to 50 mins Sessions for an extra $500/month or $5,000/year.

Becoming a better leader is not about the knowledge you acquire; it is about the change in behaviour you display. Developing the right character to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose takes discipline and working through the challenges weekly will allow you to progressively become the leader that God has called you to be.

We believe in balancing work, life, and rest. Therefore, we practice what we preach and so your coach will take off their local holidays. Notice will be given; you can treat this day as a rest/catch-up day also. The team at OnPurposeCUBED will always close for two (2) weeks over Christmas and therefore no coaching or Live Q&A will be conducted during this time.

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