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How to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose


  • Know Our Purpose

  • Have Full Confidence

  • Be Super Productive

  • Learn this and much more…


  • Attract the Right Followers

  • Help Others Discover Their Purpose

  • Motivate & Inspire

  • Learn this and much more…


  • Focus on the Purpose of the Task

  • Plan Strategically

  • Create Effective Systems

  • Learn this and much more…



Program Structure

60+ Weeks of Leadership Training
Interactive Activities
Social Forums
Offline Mode
Weekly Inspirational Messages*
Weekly Live Q&A*
Small Group & 1-on-1 Coaching*


60+ Weeks of
Leadership Training

Leadership is not a strategy that you learn at a weekend conference, leadership is a behaviour and habit that needs to be developed over time. This is why this program is strategically spread over 12+ months.

Training Lessons of Practical Leadership Strategies are released online weekly so you can learn at your own pace, at the time that is convenient for you, and you only need to focus on one strategy each week. The lesson is presented in a conversational format with leadership expert, Executive Coach, and OnPurposeCUBED founder Craig O’Sullivan, along with training from some of our key OnPurposeCUBED coaches and team.



Educational Games

At the end of each lesson there will be fun and engaging interactive games to help you embed the strategies that you just learnt.

Engaging Missions

Each week you will be provided with a simple yet effective mission (assignment) which will help you identify and implement the strategy learnt that week to improve your leadership as you are progressing in the program.



Share your experience and take-aways from each session as you interact with fellow OnPurposeCUBED multipliers to help each other grow and develop even further and build meaningful connections and lasting relationships.



Have the freedom to pre-download the content so you can watch it on the go without worrying about internet access, download speeds, or data usage. You can control the automatic download settings so you can have the content ready that suits your needs.


Inspirational Messages*

If you wish to upgrade to the On Purpose+ membership, each week, on top of the lessons, you will receive access to a live biblically-based personal development presentation that will inspire and motivate you, helping you grow as a person to give you better foundations to build your leadership upon.

To find out more about the OnPurpose+ membership click here.
*This is a paid feature


Live Q&A*

If you choose to upgrade to the OnPurpose+ membership, after learning the strategy for each week and working towards your mission, you have the opportunity to join a Live Q&A with one of the OnPurposeCUBED coaches to get clarification, personalization, and advice so that you can stay on track and get the support you need to become a better leader.

To find out more about the OnPurpose+ membership, click here.
*This is a paid feature.


Small Group &
One-on-One Coaching*

Rest assured that the Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose program is completely FREE and we will not withhold any of the training for you to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose. Although, we do know that there are many people who are looking for a higher level of accountability, support, and personalisation. Therefore, we have created a range of coaching programs that will be able to offer you the level of support for the budget that suits you.

Check out the OnPurposeCUBED Coaching Programs here.
*This is a paid feature

What Leadership Skills Will I Learn?


Your Purpose

Each one of us has a God-given purpose, an assignment He has destined us for, identify your purpose and how to impact the world with your purpose.



We are constantly faced with uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and awkward situations, but as leaders we need to develop the type of confidence where we can rise to any occasion; you will develop the type of confidence that will have you stepping boldly into your calling.



Before you can lead others you need to understand who you are and how God has designed you. We do this with scientifically based assessments such as DISC Personality Profile, the Spiritual Gifts Assessment, a Passions Quiz, and the Gallup CliftonStrengths.



There are some key things that are holding you back from achieving your full potential, unforgiveness, expectations, and external pressures – learn how to break free from all of these to rise to the incredible person that God has destined you to be



A leader needs to be productive; they need to get more done if they are going to fulfil their purpose in life, learn strategies that will have you 2-3x more productive



Understand the physiological, biological, and biomechanical edge that a leader needs to have greater energy and live longer to achieve even greater things for the Kingdom


Social Media

Learn How to Grow an Authentic Following and become a genuine influencer to multiply your impact on the world


Planning &
Goal Setting

All great leaders are planners: they set a goal and create a strategic plan to achieve it. Learn effective planning strategies so your God-given dreams can become a reality.



You may have a great vision, but unless you can present your vision in a way that mobilises others, you will be on the journey alone. Learn key strategies to cast vision so that others catch it and you will attract the right team around you.


Motivate and
Inspire Others

As a leader one of your biggest roles (and challenges) will be to motivate and inspire your team. Understand the psychology behind motivation so you can effectively motivate and inspire others


Help Others Discover Their Purpose

One of the most fulfilling experiences as a leader is when you see the lightbulb go on inside a followers head, and their eyes light up because they finally understand their purpose – and it was you who helped facilitate it!


Effective Leadership Communication

Poor communication is one of the biggest reasons for poor leadership; learn simple, yet powerful, communication strategies to ensure the people you are leading are on the same page as you


Raising &

Leaders don’t limit or put a lid on others, a leader is only as good as the quality of leader that they release. Learn how to identify how and when to raise up other leaders and release them to fulfil their God-given assignment

Identify Your Purpose
Build Confidence
Discover Yourself
Free Yourself
Productivity Strategies
Health Advice
Social Media
Planning & Goal Setting
Casting Vision
Motivate and Inspire Others
Help Others Discover Their Purpose
Effective Leadership Communication
Raising & Releasing

What Makes This Program Different?

Gamification uses the psychology of what makes games fun and addictive and transfers those elements into work and education. This program does this by game play (quizzes) to embed learning, but also to keep you engaged in the process to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

Why learn repetitive information from the expert in a classroom then go home to struggle with an assignment without the expert to help? The flipped classroom model reverses traditional learning by providing you the learning as a pre-recorded video to watch at your own time, then join the expert in a coaching session (Live Q&A, Small Group, or One-on-One) each week to help you actually apply that strategy into your real life. *Coaching packages are available as an upgrade… click here to learn more.

We are a mobile society… why do we need to keep logging into a computer? We have created a proprietary mobile app for you to download on iPhone or Android so that you can do your learning on the go. All of your learning is all right there on your phone so it is easy for you to access.

We learn better with others, it is more enjoyable with others, we are held accountable by others, and we embed our learning by teaching others. This mobile app contains a social learning forum for you to share with other OnPurposeCUBED Multipliers (members).

Real-World Implementation. Build Something – Don’t just learn something. This program is designed specifically so that you can progressively apply the strategies in your real life to become a better leader as you progress as well as it provides you with the tools to build your impact over time.
Learn from leadership experts that not only have leadership experience, but have studied their craft at the highest level. Founder Craig O’Sullivan has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science Specialising in Human Movement Studies where he learnt how to get maximum performance from the body, along with psychological studies. He furthered this with a Major in Education so he understands how to most effectively deliver learning outcomes effectively. On top of this Craig has a Masters in Leadership so he can provide you with Masters level leadership strategies without you having to do the hard work. The OnPurposeCUBED founding board members includes a former CEO of higher education institution, a clinical psychologist, corporate, ministry, and education leaders.

After doing almost 10 years of tertiary education and being a qualified teacher, I can say that the traditional education is ineffective, and is structured in a way so that the learning outcomes are geared towards ticking boxes so that you can get a piece of paper. You don’t need a piece of paper! You want to be a better leader. I have taken the best strategies from my Master in Leadership and 25 years’ experience as a leader in sports, corporate, business, and ministry so you only need to learn the bits that you need to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

Don’t just learn professional strategies, to be a better leader you need to be a better person. We will provide you with continual personal and professional development to grow as a person and a leader who will Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose.

Get weekly live interactions with your coaches to ask questions about the lessons as well as general questions about life to receive coaching and mentoring. *Coaching packages are available as an upgrade… Click here to learn more.

Because we want you to grow as a leader and not just learn leadership strategies, we will only be teaching you one strategy per week. This will allow you to take the time to focus on the one strategy all week, see how it applies to your real life and make adjustments as you go, instead of just being overwhelmed with an overload of different strategies.

No program is complete without accountability. This app is designed specifically to keep you on track with automated reminders of when new lessons are available, if you are falling behind, and when your OnPurposeCUBED coach is live. Your OnPurposeCUBED coach will also be monitoring your progress to ensure that you are staying on track to Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose. Coaching is a paid upgrade… Click here to learn more.

Not as a sample or teaser, the entire program is free. Not for a limited time, forever FREE! Yes, there is coaching available for those who want it which is a paid upgrade. However, the Learn-Live-Lead OnPurpose Program and. all of the incredible features are FREE for you, your friends and family, and your team.

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  • Research-Backed Leadership Strategies
  • Biblically Based Teachings
  • Master’s Degree Level Content
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • 24/7 Online Training Portal
  • Video/Audio Lessons
  • Offline Mode

  • Interactive Gamified Learning
  • Weekly Missions
  • Social Learning (Forum)

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