We encourage you to ensure that you budget effectively so you can commit financially to the full 12-months of the OnPurposeCUBED Coaching Programs. However, we know that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, so we want to be empathetic and supportive of you.

There is a 3-step process to cancel/pause your OnPurposeCUBED coaching membership

  • Email cancelations@OnPurposeCUBED.comadvising of your desire to cancel and the reason for your cancelation at least seven (7) days prior to your next payment (if within seven (7) days your cancelation will take effect from the end of the next payment period). Your coach will contact you to discuss your challenges and help you find a solution.
  • A 1-month pause can be applied to your account from the end of the current billing period so that you can overcome any challenges you are facing to get back on track. Your access to the features of your membership will not be available during the pause month, however, your position will be held for you. Up to two (2) pauses are available within each 12-month period of membership.
  • Towards the end of your pause, your coach will contact you and discuss if you wish to reinstate your membership (unless you contact us first to adviseus you wish to reactivate your account or you can activate it directly from within the app under the ‘settings’ menu)
    a)If you do want to reinstate your membership, your subscription will be reinstated along with having full access to your membership features
    b)If you wish to cancel, a cancelation fee is payable. The cancelation fee is 50% of your remaining payments. I.e., If you cancel in month 9, you have 3 months remaining, therefor