The key to any coaching program is accountability, the advantage of becoming a member of one of the OnPurposeCUBED coaching programs is that you will have a coach to encourage and support you and ensure that you stay on track. The program is also created in a way that we take small steps at a time so that you can learn and grow, along with living your normal life and dealing with the everyday challenges that you face. That being said, we understand that sometimes things happen, and you might fall a little behind from time-to-time.

Asa member of the one-on-one (OnPurposeSELECT) coaching program, you have the flexibility to focus on the topics that you need. Often you may want to take a few weeks to go deep into one topic and not move on until you have mastered it, on the other hand, you may find there are weeks that you don’t need much support and therefore may be able to breeze through a few weeks at a time (as long as you do not go ahead of the predetermined schedule).